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What is a guitar finger?

Fingerstyle guitar is a new way of playing guitar with flowers. Most of these techniques come from folk inheritance. They combine Flamenco, Xia Weiyi, Spain and other guitar playing methods and constantly innovate. Fingerstyle guitar can be played with flowers. Fingerstyle wooden guitar music can be played with fingers, but also with plucked pieces and finger covers. The biggest difference between finger guitar and classical guitar is that finger guitar is widely used in many ways, such as tuning, tapping, and no restrictions. As long as you can make any wonderful music with a guitar, it is Fingerstyle wooden guitar music, integrating modern harmony, Jazz, Blus, Celtic, Country, R&B and so on. Style, and integrate into the performer’s own creative and arranger thoughts.
A good guitar with 2 fingers and even 34 guitar effects, exquisite speed and exquisite improvisation. From the point of view of American finger-playing guitar skills, for classical guitar enthusiasts, it is only a matter of habit that takes a few days to adapt to the playing techniques. Musically, as long as you listen to this style of guitar music or other forms of music in this style, you can express that good technology is the important issue.
The American radical finger-playing style is mainly represented by Ragtime, country blues and jazz style, while the European style is dominated by Celtic and Mediterranean music. In terms of performance, radical finger-playing emphasizes counterpoint harmony and alternate bass performance, counterpoint harmony is mainly presented in European finger-playing style, while alternate bass is more important. Most of them appear in the performance of radical American Ragtim style! Of course, some radical finger-play styles in the United States also pay attention to counterpoint harmony! This is not absolute! Let’s talk about the representative of traditional finger-play! Radical American finger-play: Leo Kottke, representative of European Celtic style of Chet Atkin: Bensusan also talks about modern finger-play style, modern finger-play style. Compared with radical finger-playing techniques, modern finger-playing techniques pay attention to “sound effect” and sometimes use effect instruments, such as the familiar Japanese performers Saren Kawakawa, Osamu Ouweisang and so on! The timbre effect of the play is outstanding, often accompanied by tapping panels, overtones, slap and other techniques! I think the representative figure of modern finger-play should be DonRoss, Michael Hedg.