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Problems in Learning Guitar

First, can you learn guitar without music theory? Does music theory matter?
Answer: Learning to play a musical instrument is like driving a car without knowing the traffic rules. Even if you can drive a car away, you will inevitably get out of the way. Music theory is not so difficult as imagination. If he wants to learn guitar well, he must learn music theory well, at least the basic knowledge of music theory. In fact, music theory can be avoided in the early stage of learning, but it will gradually come into contact with music theory. In dealing with music and understanding of works, music theory is very important.
2. How to learn the guitar if you don’t know where to start? How to get started on guitar?
1. Don’t rush to play the piano after you receive it. First, read the lessons in the textbooks and videos roughly, have a general understanding of the guitar, and then start practicing.
2. Learning musical instruments, music theory knowledge (including score reading) is the foundation, based mainly on the foundation, if you want to understand in depth, there are some music theory video on the Internet, you can find it. This will be often used in future study, so it’s better to master it first.
3. It is suggested that we start with monophonetics. This should be the experience we have learned over the years, but we can’t get it fast. Don’t rush to practice chords until you’ve finished singing. It’s like building a building. If the foundation is not well laid, it’s easy to get into trouble if it’s too high.
4. Find some initial answers, pay attention to possible problems and solutions.
5. Find monosyllabic Etudes and practice them skillfully. If you have the conditions, you can find some repertoires to practice. Again, we must practice monophonic first.
6. After proficiency in single tone, it can enter the chord part. At this time, the cocoon on the finger should be formed. It should be easier to press the chord. One of the difficulties in playing and singing is the accuracy of the rhythm, which in peacetime should pay attention to the cultivation of their own sense of music, listening to music when they follow the beat.
7. Find a simple song to sing first. Personally, I feel that 2/4 and 4/4 beats are simpler and 3/4 beats are more difficult. Sometimes when the rhythm of one piece passes, other pieces are not difficult. This is a process from quantitative change to qualitative change.
8. C-harmonic G-tone is a relatively simple two tones on the guitar, not only the first three scales, but also the corresponding chords are relatively simple. After C-harmonic proficiency, you can gradually learn G-tone. With the foundation of these two tones, it is basically OK to cooperate with the tonal sandwich.